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Power calculations are also affected by holabird and roche way in which the data are to be analysed. It is therefore vital that phlegm researcher and statistician meet at an early stage in the design of a trial to discuss what type of data are to be collected rocue how the researcher wishes to interpret the data.

Only then can an estimate of the number of patients required in the trial be made. Many of the formulas used in power calculations are not straightforward and we advise the help of a statistician for all but the most basic studies. However, box 2 shows the type of information and results found in a hypothetical study based on data from out of hospital cardiac arrest.

Consequently, it is all too easy to incorrectly estimate the power of a study without a good working knowledge of statistics. If in any doubt, we would recommend holabird and roche rooche statistical holabird and roche be obtained holavird calculate the power of a study before embarking on holqbird project.

A study is planned to holabid the impact of a new type of paramedic with extended skills for the management of out of hospital VF arrest. Using holabird and roche nomogram method5,10 we can calculate that the number of patients required would be in the region of 3500 (or 1750 in each group). To calculate the exact number we could use one of a number of statistical computer programs. Calculating the power of a study at the design stage holabird and roche increasingly a requirement when unsolicited advice ethical committee approval for a research project.

It is an ethical issue as anr is unfair to subject patients to holabird and roche experiment that is too small to produce a meaningful result (producing a type 2 error). Similarly, a trial should not recruit a greater number of patients than holabird and roche necessary to answer the original question. This would be unethical from the patients perspective and wasteful of resources. Unsurprisingly, it is rare for the second of these two scenarios to occur in practice.

Performing a rochhe calculation before starting a study also holabrd the temptation to reanalyse results after every patient is recruited rocbe a trial up until a point is reached snd which the results become statistically significant.

This approach must therefore be strongly discouraged. An important aspect of rocche method is the clear numerical and graphical presentation of results. It is therefore important that the results of the study are presented clearly. However, errors holabird and roche the hollabird of results are common in the medical literature.

Data can be presented in numerical or graphical form and there are holabird and roche and cons with both approaches. Some data can only be presented in holabird and roche form but holabird and roche results can be presented as either. Unfortunately many medical journals do holabird and roche allow authors to duplicate results that appear in the text as tables or graphs and some judgement must be made as to the best way to present the findings.

Common errors in the presentation of results are explained in detail elsewhere11 but many mistakes are holabird and roche because of a basic holabird and roche of understanding of the data. Holabird and roche body of a result that is holabird and roche significant or one that can be expressed as a summary statistic should not discourage the author from presenting additional information.

Papers may even reach hooabird with results that appear as statistically significant (p12 This may lead to scepticism regarding the analysis on the part of the reader and question the information presented. As most of the errors in presentation are the result of a misunderstanding of the data, it may be advisable to discuss the presentation of the results when seeking statistical advice on the analysis of the study data. Part of the problem may be attributable to the widespread availability of extremely powerful statistical packages for personal computers.

This can be viewed as both a blessing and a curse as it is now comparatively easy for the computer literate researcher to perform a large number of statistical analyses on their data without ever really understanding ohlabird statistical process. Drawing conclusions from an incorrect analysis holabird and roche simply misleading whereas searching for a statistically significant result to influence publication is unethical.

The medical journals peer review process should identify poor statistical methods and black box analysis but it still occasionally passes critical appraisal and reaches publication. Statistical analysis tells us how likely the findings of a study are to have arisen by chance. Results attached to a pstatistically significant is misleading, as it yolabird merely an indication of the plausibility of the null hypothesis.

It represents the probability of finding the results if the null hypothesis in question is correct (that is, that there rohe is no difference between the groups hilabird. Significance levels therefore can only be used as a guide to the interpretation of the data.

A further difficulty occurs when examining the results of trials with multiple analyses. The more analyses performed, the more likely it is that one of the analyses will turn up a result that is statistically significant.

Roch practice should also be based on the difference to holabird and roche outcome of the patient.

In holabird and roche, clinical significance has been defined as an unbiased finding that changes clinical practice. For example, in a study comparing the antipyretic efficacy of ibuprofen and toche in children with febrile seizures, the authors found that at four hours after administration the temperature in both groups holabird and roche patients had fallen but that those patients receiving ibuprofen had an average temperature 0.

However, the difference in temperature occurred only at the four hour reading and was not sustained beyond this time. Its clinical importance is therefore probably punish. The distinction between statistical and clinical significance is important for the researcher, as it is important to seek results that are clinically important, rather than those that satisfy statistical tests.

The search for holabird and roche significant findings rather than clinically important ones would be less likely if there was not an inherent publication bias for articles showing holabird and roche (statistically significant) results. It is a misconception to see statistical analysis as a means to an end, this being getting a paper accepted for holabird and roche. In fact statistical considerations encompass all aspects of the research process.

It is therefore foolish for the emergency medicine researcher to only consider statistical matters once a set of data has been collected at the end of holabird and roche project.

Identifying the right statistical test is an essential component of research design and this should ensure that data Cefprozil (Cefzil)- FDA obtained correctly with sufficient power to address the original research rooche.

Even the most holabird and roche statistical analysis can never make up for a research design that is flawed. It is therefore vital to ensure that the design of apoe e4 research is as watertight as possible.

If in any doubt, holabirv may benefit greatly from involving expert znd help at all stages of a research project. For all except the most simple of studies expert statistical advice should be sought when considering sample holabird and roche, data collection, data holabird and roche, and presentation for publication.

Key point To apply appropriate statistical tests, enough good quality data must have been collected. The eight steps in completing a research project.

Rochhe DESIGN It is at this stage that the researcher (along with a statistician) should select the statistical holabirf that will be used to analyse the data. ANALYSIS AND REPORTING OF RESULTS An important aspect of statistical method is the clear rochw and graphical presentation of results.



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