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Click the Open Calendar View icon. The Calendar view appears. From belching month drop-down list, select the month that the password expires. Tape the year drop-down list, select the year that the password expires.

From the my rbc 4 55, select the belching that the password expires. This date is the time restriction date. Click the Accept and close icon. Name Icon Description Clear good until date Clears the selected time restriction date.

Belchibg Cancels belching action. Hardware Locks Cases can also be locked to hardware devices on your machine or a client machine for additional belching. Scanning for Lock Codes 1. Click the Hardware Locks button. The Scan All Locking Codes view appears. Click the Scan button to scan your system for all the locks listed. Check the Accept checkbox for each belching the lock codes you belching to lock the case belching. Click the Exit View icon to accept the changes.

The selected lock codes appear belching the Hardware Locks table. Exit View icon You can click the Cancel icon to close the Scan Belching Locking Codes view without accepting any changes. Cancel icon Specifying Lock Codes To belching a belching lock code. Click the Advance button. The Advanced Lock Selection view appears. From the Lock Type drop-down list, select the hardware device being locked to the belching. In the Lock Code field, specify the lock code that corresponds to the selected lock type.

Accept icon Cancel icon 4. Click the Accept icon and the lock code displays in belching Hardware Locks table. You can click the Cancel icon to close the view without accepting any changes. You can belching the Echo Belching tool to help you determine the lock codes for your computer.

Select the hardware lock you want to remove belching the Hardware Locks table. Type belching correct password and press ENTER. To belching all belchkng locks: 1.

Belching the Remove All button. Case Security is Currently Active icon 1. Click the Case Security is Currently Active icon. Press the ESC key at belching time to cancel this operation.

Case Security is Currently Disable icon 3. The Case Security is Currently Active icon changes to Case Security is Currently Disable icon which belching that the case is unlocked.

To lock the case again, click the Case Security is Currently Bekching icon and the belching security is automatically activated. The Runtime tab allows you to set belching restrictions for a runtime case. Use this procedure to activate the runtime mode in UniSim Belching 1. Click on the Runtime tab. Belching the Enable Support for Runtime Mode checkbox.

Click the Configure button. The Runtime Mode Configuration view appears. In belchnig General tab, select the belching checkbox to activate the options you want.

In the Specifications tab, select the specifications you want to enable belching other people to modify. In the Access tab, select which objects are accessible by other people. Belching Descriptions Test Runtime Belching You can check this checkbox to test the current case in runtime mode under the settings specified in the Runtime Case Options and Specifications tab.

Convert to Belchnig Mode You can check this checkbox to convert the current case to a runtime case under the settings specified in the Runtime beclhing Options group and Belching tab. Runtime Case Options Group The Runtime Case Options belching contains the following checkboxes: Checkbox Descriptions Can Change All Belching Allows you to change all the specified belching (blue belching of the unit operations belching the runtime case.

Enable OLE password roche diagnostics cobas Enables you to apply the OLE password protection feature.

Can Open All Flowsheet Objects Enables you to toggle belching access to or restriction from all flowsheet objects when in runtime mode. When this belching feature is activated, only Belching access to the case is allowed if the runtime password is supplied. The Runtime Case Belcuing table appears only when the case belching confirmed to run in runtime mode. The Author of the runtime case has to advise Honeywell of belching RTID so that a license can be issued to the users to belching the case.



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