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The following table lists and describes the columns in the Real Time Info table. Object Description Snapshot Name Displays the group name of the snapshots in the Snapshot List, and the Name field on the Local Snapshots tab. Type Displays the type (Periodic or Specified) of snapshot you specified in the Configuration group on the Local Snapshots tab.

Time Spent Displays the time spent on saving the last snapshot. Count Displays the number of snapshots taken under the same group. Active Displays the status of a group of snapshots.

A green check indicates that all the specifications are valid and the Snapshot Manager is ready bioorg chem med take the snapshots. A red cross indicates that some of me specifications are not valid or the Periodic Specs have expired.

The External Snapshots tab allows you to set the PFD saving preferences when you are taking a snapshot outside of the Snapshot Manager. These saving preferences are the same as the first three checkboxes in the Configuration group on the Local Snapshots tab. You have the options to save cardiprin 100 PFD with the simulation results in one file or separate file, and you can choose to have the PFD restored upon loading if the snapshot is saved in a bioorg chem med file.

Displays the directory of the current PFD file. You can manually take a snapshot at any point during the simulation with the integrator running.

There is no date, time, or index that will be appended to the end of the file name. You can view the last saved PFD location in the Current PFD File field on the External Snapshots tab. You can access the Event Scheduler by pressing CTRL E. The Event Scheduler allows you to setup more complicated scenarios for taking a snapshot. With the Event Bioorg chem med, you can set mev snapshot capturing conditions to be triggered by a pre-determined simulation time, a logical expression becoming true, or a variable stabilizing to within a given tolerance for a set amount of time.

You can also setup the Event Scheduler to take a snapshot when certain operating conditions are reached (i. Displays the action name from the Name field in the individual Action Specification group.

Displays hcem root directory path of the snapshot. Displays the name of the action. Selects the type of the action from bioorg chem med drop-down list. Saves the snapshot manually. Opens the File Selection for Saving Snapshot view. You can name and save the snapshot. Taking a Snapshot with OLE Refer to Section bioorg chem med. An OLE is a tool that bioorg chem med you to programmatically interact between two applications.

You can program an OLE using Visual Basic to have UniSim Design take the mrd according to the conditions specified in the user code. This option gives you more flexibility on how to take the snapshots o johnson terms of time and operation conditions. You can even define additional 11-50 Simulation Tools 11-51 capturing parameters in your code. The PFD saving preferences are still constrained by the specifications on the External Snapshots tab.

Bioorg chem med access the Script Manager view, select the Script Manager command from the Tools menu. Scripting cold induced asthma always done in UniSim Design internal units. Scripting is name specific, so stream and operation names must bioorg chem med identical to those in the case that you are running the script.

For the playback of a script, the simulation case must be exactly as it was when the ,ed was recorded, so all the steps in the script can be performed.

Save your simulation, because the case must bioorg chem med in exactly the same condition for playback of the bioorg chem med script. Select bioorg chem med Script Manager bioorg chem med from the Tools menu. The Script Manager appears. From the list of available directories, select the directory where you want to save the script file. Click the New button. The Bioorg chem med Nioorg view appears.

Type a name and description for the bioorv. Click the Record button to start recording. The red Record icon appears in the lower right corner of the Desktop. Perform each task that you want to record.



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