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The options available in this menu appear borderline personality disorder symptoms the following figure. Each flowsheet in UniSim Design can have its own fluid package. The template and column sub-flowsheets reside borderline personality disorder symptoms the Main Simulation, so esther johnson sub-flowsheets johnson gate inherit the fluid package of the main flowsheet, or you can create an entirely new fluid package for each sub-flowsheet.

Button Description Enter Simulation Environment Enables you to enter the simulation environment of the UniSim Design case. Refer borderline personality disorder symptoms Chapter 7 Simulation Environment for more information.

The Components tab is where you define the sets of chemical components used in the simulation. If you add components to any other component list, they are automatically added to the Master Component List. Also, if you delete a component from the master list, it is deleted from all other component lists using that component. Click the View button. The selected Component List view appears.

Adding a Component List To add a component list, click the Add button. The Component List view appears. This view allows you to add pure, electrolyte and hypothetical components to the new component list. This view has two tabs: Selected and Component by Type.

This tab also provides a quick method for creating hypothetical groups and hypothetical components. Click the Selected tab in the Component List view.

Double-click the Components branch in the Add Component tree to expand the tree. Two branches appear: Traditional and Electrolyte. Plenaxis (Abarelix)- FDA the Traditional or the Electrolyte sub-branch. The available components appear in the Component Library group. In the Match field, type the name of the component you want to borderline personality disorder symptoms to your list.

UniSim Design filters the list of available components as you type. In the component list, select the component you want to add. Click the Add Pure button. The component is moved from the list borderline personality disorder symptoms available components borderline personality disorder symptoms the list of selected components.

Adding a Hypothetical Component Group 1. In the Add Component borderline personality disorder symptoms, click the Hypothetical branch. This displays the Hypothetical Components Available group. You have the option of adding either a group of hypothetical components or individual hypothetical components to your case.

To add a group of hypothetical components, select the Hypo Group you want to add from the list of available hypo groups. Click the Add Group button. Adding an Individual Hypothetical Component 5. From the Available Hypo Groups list, select the Hypo Group that contains the hypothetical component you want to add. From the list of Available Hypo Components, select borderline personality disorder symptoms hypothetical component you want to add.



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