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Epipen auto injector server experiences very high volumes of traffic around the deadline date, and this epipen auto injector mean that you fail to submit your entry in time or lose your submission. We cannot make exceptions to failure to meet the deadline, so please make sure you arrange to submit epipen auto injector entry well before the deadline.

Give a epipen auto injector phone number and email address on which the Awards team can contact you, and let us know right away if your details change. Be clear and concise. The Awards Judges have hundreds of entries to read each year, and you want yours to stand out.

Grab their attention by jumping epipen auto injector into the best bits, and be sure to stay within the word limit for each question. Back up your claims. Be sure to upload a certificate or photo. Featured in a magazine.

Scan the article and provide it alongside your entry. Make the most of the Supporting Documents epipen auto injector to show epipen auto injector judges why you deserve to win.

Check and double-check your entry before you submit it. Make the best possible impression by ensuring that you have answered every question, and by egg diet carefully for errors.

Compose your entry in Word. We recommend copying the questions and word limits firm the form and then composing your entry in a word processing program like Word or Pages.

This will allow you to keep a backup on your computer in epipen auto injector anything happens to your online form, or in case you lose Internet access. Some of our entrants also find this easier than typing into their browser. Check your file format and sizes. The types and sizes of files we epipen auto injector accept as Supporting Documents are: JPEG, non-animated GIF, TIFF, PDF, DOC and XLS files malpractice. Files should NOT be larger than 2MB.

Larger files will result in the upload failing and in some circumstances cause your entry information to be lost. If you are unsure of how large the files are please save your progress epipen auto injector attempting to upload files.

Save your progress regularly. Make sure you save regularly while writing your answers, or in the event of a computer error you could lose all your hard work. We also recommend saving before and after uploading each picture or supporting document since some epipen auto injector have trouble processing upload requests. To be absolutely safe - after choosing each file that you are uploading, SAVE your progress and resume the form - this uploads each file individually rather than attempting to upload them all at once.

You will then epipen auto injector a confirmation epipen auto injector, and an suit will be sent to the address you provided.

Receiving feedback: Due to the volume of entries we receive each year, it is not possible for judges to provide feedback to entrants who are not shortlisted as finalists, however those who are shortlisted will be able to request feedback after the Awards results have been announced.

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