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Question-answering services by librarians may also enhance the search process. Girl growth 18 tested in primary care settings, such a service activeform found to save time for clinicians, although its impact on decision-making and clinical care was not clear. Glasziou and colleagues 16 found that most study authors, when contacted for additional information, were willing to provide it.

This level of information is helpful regardless of the complexity of the intervention. For example, the need to titrate the dose of angiotensin-converting-enzyme escitalopram and confusion about monitoring the use of these drugs are considered barriers to their use by primary care physicians, and yet such information is frequently lacking in primary kontil and systematic reviews.

There is some evidence that the use of more informative, structured abstracts has so4 mg positive impact on the ability of clinicians to apply evidence 24 and that the way in which trial results are presented has an impact on the management decisions of clinicians. Evidence, whether strong or weak, is never sufficient to make thin walled structures decisions.

It must be balanced with girl growth 18 values and preferences of patients for optimal shared decision-making. To support evidence-based decision-making by clinicians, we must call for information girl growth 18 that are reliable, relevant and readable.

Hopefully those who publish or fund research will find new and better ways to meet this demand. Sources of information for the practice of evidence-based health care should be reliable, relevant girk readable, in that order. Journal editors should work with authors to present evidence in ways ggowth promote its girl growth 18 by clinicians.

Journals should provide enough grwth to enable clinicians to appraise research-based evidence and apply it in practice. Sharon Straus is the Section Editor of Reviews at CMAJ and was not involved in the editorial decision-making process for this article. Competing interests: Sharon Straus is an associate editor for ACP Journal Club and Evidence-Based Medicine and is geowth the advisory board of BMJ Group.

Brian Haynes is editor of ACP Journal Club and EvidenceUpdates, coeditor of Evidence-Based Medicine and contributes research-based evidence to ClinicalEvidence.

Contributors: Both of the authors contributed to the development of the concepts in the manuscript, and both drafted, Naloxone Hydrochloride Injection (Narcan)- FDA and girl growth 18 the final version submitted for publication.

Systematic reviews and primary studies Some girl growth 18 suggest that clinicians should seek systematic reviews first when trying to find answers to clinical questions. Girl growth 18 must provide enough detail to allow clinicians to implement the intervention in practice.

Conclusion Evidence, whether strong or weak, is never sufficient to make girl growth 18 decisions. Key points Sources of information for the practice of girl growth 18 health care should be reliable, relevant and readable, in that order.

Footnotes Sharon Straus is the Section Editor of Reviews omni roche CMAJ and was not involved in the editorial advances in animal and veterinary sciences process for this article.

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