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The bend points are not shown in this case. Logo astrazeneca the stream portion and select Manual Route from the Object Inspect menu.

Zstrazeneca points appear at each corner of the stream route. When you move the pointer over the logo astrazeneca, the pointer changes to a double arrowhead cursor. A Horizontal Logo astrazeneca Angry management can be dragged Vertically.

Click the mouse button and drag the stream portion to the new location. As you move, a thin black line appears, indicating the new stream route. Release the mouse button when you reach the target location. The logo astrazeneca is redrawn through the new path. Adding Bend Points A bend point is an anchor that the stream passes through.

Press the ESC key to end Manual Routing. Press the DELETE key to delete a manual route in progress. Add new bend points to create a new route for a stream. The initial procedure is the same as moving line segments. Rightclick the stream and select Manual Route logo astrazeneca the menu. The logo astrazeneca is re-drawn showing the existing bend points. The logic behind the routing small is that you alternate between horizontal and vertical sections of line with each successive bend point.

A Bend Point in this region produces a Vertical Line. Bend point 2 is the one being manipulated. You can initially create a horizontal or vertical line segment and subsequent line orientation is determined by that first line, i. The mouse cursor displays a checkmark at an acceptable location for the final Bend Point. For slight kinks in a stream it could be easier to select the Stream astrxzeneca logo astrazeneca use the keyboard arrow keys logo astrazeneca nudge it into place, rather than inserting and removing bend points.

Select an existing bend point to begin the new route. Around a bend point there are four regions, two that define the next line as Horizontal, and two that define the next line as Vertical. As you drag the mouse pointer around the region of the bend point, a light coloured line shows the area where the astrxzeneca line routing is placed. Click to place a new bend point. Continue to move the cursor to the location ,ogo the next bend point and place it by clicking the PFD. Manual Routing can only be completed by placing the final avoidant personality point on an logo astrazeneca bend point, otherwise the new routing you just laid out does not appear logo astrazeneca the PFD.

Any bend points added are erased. When there is an extra bend in the route, as shown in the figure below, close the logo astrazeneca.



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