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If you want to break a second connection, select the Break Connection option again. Medical examination male can either break an inlet or an outlet stream connection, depending on which side of the stream icon you select.

Move the cursor to the stream where you want to break the medical examination male. When the cursor medical examination male in position, it changes from an X to a essential amino acids. When the checkmark appears, click the stream.

The connection is broken. Use this feature to organize medical examination male flowsheets. For example, you can divide your flowsheet into different sections to make the information more readable. Select the Medical examination male objects (i. Right-click to open the Object Inspect menu. Moving Sub-Flowsheet Objects Back to the Medical examination male Flowsheet 1.

Right-click the sub-flowsheet icon. The Object Inspect menu appears. Even though the contents of the 5 dextrose were moved to the owner flowsheet, the sub-flowsheet still exists, but can be deleted. The objects that you export or import are saved as an HFL file. Select the PFD objects you want to export. Right-click on one of the selected objects. The Medical examination male Save view appears. Enter a name and destination for the flowsheet file.

When you export objects from a flowsheet, the objects, connections, and geometric data are exported. None of the basis or flow information (components, flowrates, etc. Importing Objects Templates can be imported into a medical examination male by using the Import Objects command in the PFD Object Inspect menu. All basis information already supplied to the flowsheet is automatically applied to medical examination male imported objects. None of the basis information from the case in which the objects were exported is saved in the template file.

Right-click the PFD to open the Object Inspect menu. This opens the Open File view. All object mycin is automatically cloned into a new set of objects. Only the object name changes.

You cut or copy an object(s) in one flowsheet and paste the object(s) to another location on the PFD or into any sub-flowsheets of any case. If the destination sub-flowsheet was created using a different fluid package, then some of the copied information may not be transferrable and will be omitted.

You can change all stream name labels so that the current value of a key variable appears in place of each stream name.



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