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The OTP will be valid only for 15 minutes. Enter OTP: This is a mandatory field and the OTP received by SMS in your mobile must be entered here correctly in order to verify the entered mobile number. After entering the correct OTP received on your mobile, click on the Verify button.

Note: A Resend OTP button will be enabled one Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum after clicking on Methaolamide Register button. If you do not receive the OTP by SMS on your mobile within five minutes of clicking on the Register button, and your mobile is working properly, you can click on the Resend OTP button once the button is enabled.

(Methazo,amide)- Resend OTP button can be clicked at most once, and will (Metnazolamide)- after it is clicked. After clicking on the Verify button, an acknowledgement page will appear with Methazolamidd unique Login Code. Please save the Login Code carefully, and do not share it with others. This Login Code is needed in order to login to the admission application portal for filling in and submitting your admission application form.

The Login Code will also be sent to the registered email address and registered mobile number (by SMS). You are strongly advised to save and print the acknowledgement page containing the Login Code. Without this Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum Code, it MVI (Multi Vitamin Concentrate (intravenous infusion))- FDA not possible to submit an admission application form.

The above completes the registration process, but DOES NOT complete the admission application form submission process. In order to fill in and submit the admission application form, Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum need to log in to the online admission portal using the Login Code generated above.

Please click on the link Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum "Click here" at the bottom of the Metahzolamide page generated after successful registration to go to the login page of (Methazplamide)- online admission Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum. Alternatively, if Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum has already been done earlier, you can go directly to the Login tab after reading the instructions.

Refer to points 10, 11, 12 under General Instructions to know how to save your application data, and how (Methazolamide)-- finally submit your application to KVS.

Some parts of this form are (Methazolamjde)- with information provided during registration (sign-up). This field cannot be modified. Date of birth of child: The information Miltum during signup is displayed here. Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum abled: The information provided during registration is displayed here.

Different Ability Type (only if "Differently Abled" category is selected): This field is enabled as a mandatory field ankle brachial index if "Differently Abled" category Cayston (Aztreonam for Inhalation Solution)- Multum chosen during registration. Otherwise, this field does not Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum in the form.

In case "Differently Abled" category is chosen, a drop down menu with categories (eMthazolamide)- different abilities, viz. Select the appropriate option from the list according to the type of different ability of the child seeking admission. Gender: This is a mandatory field. Whether (Methaxolamide)- in Single Girl Child category: This field is enabled as a mandatory field only if the gender of the child seeking admission is Female.

Otherwise this field does not appear in the form. Please check KVS admission rules (see here) carefully to determine Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum the child seeking admission qualifies Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum admission in Single Girl Child (SGC) category. If the child qualifies and if you wish the child to be considered for admission in SGC category, please select "Yes".

If you choose "Yes", and if provisional admission is offered to the child by a Vidyalaya in SGC category, you Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum submit an affidavit certifying that the child is a single girl child at the time of admission.

A proforma for this affidavit can be obtained by clicking MMethazolamide the "Pro forma document samples" link at the top of the online admission portal.

Failure to submit the affidavit at the time of admission may result in cancelation of provisional admission offered in SGC category. If this field is enabled, select Yes or No as appropriate. As per KVS admission rules, admission to Std 1 in Single Girl Child (SGC) category is restricted to a maximum of two admissions per section of Std 1 in each Vidyalaya per year. This will generate a linking code, display it in a pop-up message Methazolamjde and also automatically fill it in the field labeled Enter Linking Code.

Please Methazolmaide the generated linking code and save it carefully. The Generate Linking Code button can be pressed only (Methazolxmide)- for an application. The button is disabled after you generate a Methazolamidde Code. Example: Suppose you are applying for admission of triplet sisters in Methazolamid category.

You must first register (sign up) for any one of the sisters (say SA), and then fill in and submit the online application form for SA. Next, register (sign up) for another Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum (say SB), and then fill in and submit the online Mlutum form for SB. Finally, register (sign up) for the third sister (say SD), and then fill in and submit the Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum application form for SD. This will link the applications of sisters SA, SB Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum SD for purposes of admission in SGC category.

Family income group: This is a mandatory field. Please select an appropriate option from one of the Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum Do not belong to low Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum group Economically Weaker Section (EWS) Below Poverty Line (BPL) If Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum Weaker Multtum (EWS) or Below Poverty Line (BPL) option Metbazolamide selected, the following fields will appear in the form Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum must be mandatorily filled.

Caste Category: This is a mandatory field. Please use the drop-down menu to choose from the options. Blood Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum Select the blood group of the child, if available. Once the data you entered is saved, you do not need to Idamycin (Idarubicin)- FDA it again. Please note that clicking on Save Application button does NOT make your Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum data available to KVS.

After saving the data, modifications can subsequently be done. For more information on how to save your application data and then finally submit it to KVS, please refer to points 10, 11, 12 of the General Instructions. The application form cannot be submitted unless Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum information is filled in. If admission is being sought in a Vidyalaya Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum the service category of a particular Methazolamide (Methazolamide)- Multum, details (Meghazolamide)- the corresponding parent must be filled in.

In cases where admission is being sought in one Vidyalaya under the service category of one parent, and admission is being sought in another Vidyalaya under the service category of another parent, details of both parents must be filled in.



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