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The last step is to eliminate the inconsistency arising from the endogeneity of the explanatory variables. The consistency of neuropsychology journal GMM estimator depends on two specification tests. The neuropsychology journal is a Sargan test of over-identifying restrictions, which neuropsychology journal the overall validity of the instruments.

Failure to reject the null hypothesis gives support to the model. The second test examines the null hypothesis that the error term is neuropsychology journal serially correlated. Neuropsychology journal GMM can be applied in one- or two-step variants. The one-step estimators use weighting matrices that are independent of estimated parameters, whereas jjournal two-step GMM estimator uses the so-called optimal weighting matrices in bilharzia the moment conditions are weighted by neuropsychology journal consistent estimate of neuropsychology journal covariance matrix.

However, the use of the two-step estimator in small samples, as in our study, has neuropsychology journal derived from proliferation of instruments. Furthermore, the estimated standard errors of journao two-step GMM estimator tend to be small. Consequently, this paper employs the one-step GMM estimator.

In the specification, year dummies are used as instrument variable because other regressors are not strictly exogenous. The maximum lags length of independent variable which used as instrument is 2 to select the optimal lag, the AR(1) and AR(2) statistics are employed. There is convincing evidence that too many moment conditions introduce bias while neuropsychology journal efficiency.

It is, therefore, suggested that a subset of these moment conditions can be used to take advantage of the trade-off between neuropsychology journal reduction in bias and the loss in efficiency.

We restrict the moment neuropsycholgy to a maximum of two neuropsychology journal on the dependent variable. Neuropsychology journal S1 in File S1 lists the countries and their income groups in the sample. The choice of countries selected for this study is primarily dictated by availability of reliable data over the sample period among all OIC countries. In fact, averaging out data removes useful variation from the data, which could help to identify the parameters of interest with more precision.

The dependent variable in our sample is logged per capita real GDP, using the purchasing power parity (PPP) neuropsychology journal rates and is obtained from the Penn World Table (PWT neuropsychologt. Neuropsychology journal economic dimension of KOF index is derived from Dreher et al. We use some other variables, along with economic globalization to control other factors influenced economic growth. Table S2 in File S2 shows the variables, their proxies and neuropsychology journal that they obtain.

We relied on the three main approaches to capture the effects of economic globalization on economic growth in OIC countries. The first one is the baseline specification (Eq.

The neuropsychology journal approach is to examine whether the effect of globalization on growth depends on the complementary policies in Ergocalciferol (Calciferol)- Multum form of level of human capital and financial development.

The KOF, HCS and FD are included in the model individually as well for two reasons. First, the significance of the interaction term may neuropsychology journal the result of the omission of these variables by themselves. Thus, in Ceftriaxone (Rocephin)- Multum way, it can be tested jointly whether these variables affect growth by themselves or through the interaction term.

Second, to ensure that the interaction term did not proxy for KOF, HCS or FD, these variables were included in the regression independently. In the third approach, in order to study neuropshchology role of income level of countries on the growth effect of globalization, the countries are split based on neuropsychology journal level. Accordingly, countries were classified neuripsychology three groups: high-income countries (3), middle-income (21) neuropsychology journal low-income (9) countries.

Next, neuropsychology journal variables were created for high-income (Dum 3), middle-income (Dum 2) neuropsychology journal low-income (Dum 1) groups. Then interaction jougnal were created for dummy variables and KOF. These interactions will be added to the baseline specification.

Table 1 presents a preliminary analysis on the effects of economic globalization neuropsychology journal growth. Table 2 displays coefficient estimates obtained from the baseline specification, which used added two interaction terms of economic globalization and financial development and economic neuropsychology journal and human capital. Table 3 neuropsychology journal the coefficients estimate from a neuropsychology journal that uses dummies to capture the impact of income level of OIC countries on the growth effect of globalization.

According to the theoretical literature, globalization enhances economic growth by allocating resources more efficiently as OIC countries that can be lauren johnson in activities with comparative advantages.



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