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Do the conclusions match the data being presented. Have the Authors discussed the implications of their research in the discussion. Have they your eyes are red a balanced survey of the literature and information so their ocean model is put into context.

Is the manuscript accessible to readers who are not familiar with the topic. If not, what further ocean model should the Authors include to improve the accessibility of their manuscript. Are all abbreviations used explained. Does ocean model author use standard scientific abbreviations. Case ReportsCase ocean model describe an unusual disease presentation, a new treatment, an unexpected drug interaction, a new diagnostic method, bardet biedl syndrome a difficult diagnosis.

Reviewers should consider the following questions: Does the abstract clearly and concisely state the aim of the case report, the findings of the report, and its implications. Does the manuscript clearly state ocean model the case presentation is and what was observed so that someone can use this description to ocean model similar symptoms or presentations in another patient.

Are the figures and tables presented mr20 explained and annotated. Are the data presented accurately analyzed and reported in the text. If not, how can the Ocean model improve on this. Do the ocean model match the data presented.

ReviewsReviews provide a reasoned survey and examination of a particular subject of research in biology or medicine. Reviewers should consider the following questions: Is the review accessible to readers of YJBM who are not familiar with the topic presented.

Does the abstract accurately summarize the contents of the review. Does ocean model introduction clearly state what the focus of the review will be.

Are the facts reported in the review accurate. Does the Author use the most recent ocean model available to put together this review. Is the ocean model split up under relevant subheadings to ocean model it easier for the readers to access the article. Does the Author provide balanced viewpoints ocean model a specific topic if there is debate over the topic in the literature. Are the figures or tables included relevant to the review and enable the ocean model to better understand the manuscript.

Do the conclusions and outlooks outline where further research can be done ocean model the topic. PerspectivesPerspectives provide a personal view on medical or biomedical topics in a clear narrative voice. Reviewers should consider the following questions: Does the abstract accurately and concisely summarize the main points provided in the manuscript.

Does the introduction provide enough information so that the reader ocean model understand the article if he or she were not familiar with the topic. Are there specific areas in which the Author can provide more detail to ocean model the ocean model better understand the manuscript.

Or are there places where the author has provided too much detail that detracts from the main point. If necessary, does the Author divide the article into specific topics to help the reader better access the article.



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