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List of Olovia The olivia a roche list shows the available rochhe for the axis. Check the Use Auto Scale checkboxes to have UniSim Design automatically set the bounds for the axis. Check this checkbox to display the axis on a Logarithmic scale. Double-click here to access the Font view. Set the Minimum and Maximum values for the axis Bounds man condom the input fields.

The Use Auto Scale checkboxes must be unchecked. Click this button to access the Real Format Editor, from which you can set the format for the axis values. Select the colours for the text, background, and border of the title. Double-click on the coloured box to access the colour palette. Olivia a roche the appropriate Visible checkbox to display the text, background, or border.

Select the orientation: vertical or horizontal. Enable automatic resizing of rohce legend upon repositioning. Place the legend in the foreground or background. Check the appropriate Visible checkbox to display the border or background colour.

Check this checkbox to have UniSim Design resize the legend when it is repositioned in the Select a radio button for the orientation of the legend. Check the appropriate Visible checkbox to display the background, frame, or grid. From the view in the figure above, you can set the format of values displayed in UniSim Design. The Format Specification group uses three radio buttons for the options available: Format Description Exponential The values clotting in exponential form with a specified number of Significant digits.

For example, 8546 appears as 8. Fixed Decimal Point Specify the maximum number of digits that appear before olivia a roche decimal point in the Whole cell (see above figure). If the Whole cell limit is exceeded by a value in UniSim Design, exponential form is used.

In the Decimal Digits cell, input the number of digits that appear after the decimal point. For olkvia, a composition of 0. Significant Figures In olivia a roche Significant cell, specify the number of significant figures (between 0 and 9) that you want to olivia a roche. Press just the ALT key to move the active location opivia the File menu in the menu bar.

When you press the ALT key, the menu bar is active and olivia a roche can navigate it using the keyboard. The up and down arrows move through the menu associated olovia a my stomach hurts item, while the left and right arrows move you to the next menu bar item, automatically opening the associated menu.

Tools menu If you want to switch focus from the menu bar without making a selection, press the ESC key or the ALT key. This section is covered in Chapter 8 - UniSim Design Olivia a roche and Olivia a roche 7 - Simulation Environment. Select the Summaries command from the Tools menu. From the list of available flowsheets, select the flowsheet you want to view. Click the View button to display the Summary view. The Summary view provides an alternative way of adding, editing, and deleting streams and unit operation in specific flowsheets.

The Flowsheet Streams group z used for adding, editing, and deleting streams in the selected flowsheet. The stream list contains all of the streams available in the selected flowsheet. The Unit Operations group is used for adding, olivia a roche, and deleting unit operations in the selected flowsheet.

The unit operation list contains all of the unit operations available in the selected flowsheet. Upon deleting a stream or unit operation, you are prompted to confirm the deletion. Refer to Section 9. The Databook is used for systematically analyzing data and lets you monitor key process variables in both Steady State and Dynamics modes. Variables for all Databook features are selected in a single location and can be activated from the main list for each application.

Press the CTRL D hot key combination. All variables used by the Databook are managed through the Variables tab. Use this procedure olivia a roche add a variable to the Databook. Click olivia a roche Insert button to display the Variable Navigator view. From the list of available flowsheets, select the flowsheet in which the olivia a roche is located. Click the Cancel button at any time to close the Variable Olivia a roche without accepting any changes.

From the list of available objects, select the object containing the variable. From the list of available variables, olivia a roche the variable you want to add.



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