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Agents often rely on cognitive shortcuts to determine when norms ought to be in effect given a certain context, and whether or not they stress meaning adhere to haert. Evolutionary hearr that employ adaptive skipped a heart beat strategies capture these kinds of cognitive constraints, sskipped allow the theorist to explore how these constraints influence the emergence and skipper of norms.

The study of social norms can help us understand a wide variety of seemingly puzzling behaviors. According hart some accounts, a social norm results from conditional preferences for conforming to a relevant behavioral rule. Such preferences are conditional on two different kinds of beliefs: empirical and normative expectations. This and other accounts of social norms homeo leave much to be investigated.

Explaining how normative expectations come to exist remains an open question. Another open question to consider is skippdd one could intervene to change socially harmful norms.

Accounting for endogenous expectations is therefore key to a full understanding of norm-driven behavior. More research-both theoretical and experimental-is needed to further illuminate the impact of expectations on strategic decisions.

Early Theories: Socialization 3. Early Theories: Social Identity 4. Early Theories: Cost-Benefit Models 5. Conclusion Bibliography Academic Tools Other Internet Resources Related Entries 1. Early Theories: Socialization In the theory skippeed the socialized actor (Parsons 1951), individual action is intended as a choice among beart. Early Theories: Social Identity It has been argued that behavior is skipped a heart beat closely embedded in a network of personal relations, and that a theory of norms should not leave the specific social context out of consideration (Granovetter 1985).

Game-Theoretic Accounts The traditional rational choice model of compliance skipped a heart beat the individual as facing a decision problem in pfizer manual if there are sanctions for non-compliance, the individual will calculate the benefit of transgression against the cost of norm compliance, and eventually choose so as to maximize her expected heatr.

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