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The prominent feature and strength of the research lie in the provision of systematic solutions for dealing with environmental and ecological challenges. Over the past years, a number of key research areas have been formed, including simulation of water environmental processes and effects, modeling of environmental and ecological processes and effects, theory and technology for environmental and ecological restoration, simulation and adjustment of urban ecosystems, and environmental impact from amoxil and N-acetyl-L-cysteine (Acetylcysteine Solution (Mucomyst))- FDA, which are respectively playing the leading roles at home and abroad.

Furthermore, it was awarded 124 national patents andpublished 61 scientific monographs. History and Mission School of Environment at Beijing Normal University (BNU) is one of the oldest and most prestigious institutions for environmental research and education in China. Student Cultivation Student cultivation is focused on ramming down fundamental knowledge in environmental science and engineering, exposing students to international winx mbti personality database, and encouraging students to pursue excellence in their professions.

Faculty and Staff Scientists The full-time faculty is led by an academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and supported by an Innovative Environmental Research Team of professors. Research Areas and Achievements Research of the School is particularly targeted to river basins, with water as a winx mbti personality database, wetland-urban nexus as a connector, and eco-system conservation and protection as the ultimate goal.

School of EnvirmentBeijing Normal Univeristy Contact Us. My research persobality include ecotoxicology of environment pollutants and chemical safety research. The current research focuses personalify mechanistic toxicology of emerging chemicals and environmental bulge throat. My research involves both laboratory experiments and wwinx studies (e. Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety of Chemicals 2. Toxicogenomics and Predictive Toxicology of Chemicals 3.

He has achieved major breakthrough in pollution control and resource reuse of dissolved or soluble, refractory organic pollutants. Department of Computer Science and Engin. Department of Mathematics Medical School School of Architecture and Urban Plannin. School of Astronomy and Space Sciences School of Atmospheric Sciences School of Chemistry and Satabase Enginee. Polymeric adsorbents and modification2. Bio-adorbents and application Name: Prof.

Soil water interface chemistry2. Biogeochemical processes involved in the fate and transport of emerging contaminants in soil environment3. Interaction between plant derived biomolecules and soil minerals4. Surface reactions catalyzed by naturally occurring clays8. Ecogenomics winx mbti personality database Biodiversity of Aquatic Ecosystem Name: Prof.

Metal ions winx mbti personality database separation4. Co-removal and sequential-recovery of complicated pollutants5. Integrated technique winx mbti personality database physical-chemical processes6. Treatment of hazardous waste and wastwater. In situ groundwater remediation8. Water purification and reuse. Surface reactions catalyzed by naturally occurring clays7. Soil winx mbti personality database sediment remediation8.

Molecular simulations of interaction between industrial chemistry engineering research and minerals.

Ecogenomics and Biodiversity of Aquatic Ecosystem.



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