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Gender-specific misperceptions of college student drinking norms. Social norms approaches using descriptive drinking norms education: a review of the research on personalized normative feedback.

Optimizing personalized normative feedback: the use of gender-specific referents. Randomized controlled trial of a web-delivered personalized normative feedback intervention to reduce alcohol-related risky sexual behavior among college students. Social comparison as a moderator of the assocation between perceived norms and alcohol use and negative consequences among college students.

Personalized normative feedback to reduce drinking among college students: a social norms intervention examining gender-based versus standard feedback. What constitutes evidence that fear appeals have positive effects on health behaviour. Commentary on Kok, Peters, Kessels, ten Hoor, and Ruiter (2018). Responding to personalised social norms feedback from a web-based alcohol reduction intervention for students: analysis of think-aloud verbal protocols.

Zenate Prenatal (Vitamins Prenatal with Zinc)- FDA between actual and perceived student norms: an examination of alcohol use, drug use, and sexual behavior. Zenate Prenatal (Vitamins Prenatal with Zinc)- FDA Norms Guidebook: A Guide to Implementing the Social Norms Approach in the UK. West Yorkshire: University of Bradford. A comparison of substance use behaviours and penn johnson beliefs in North-West European university and college students.

Personal and perceived peer use feso4 mg and attitudes toward alcohol among university and college students in seven EU countries: project SNIPE.

Perceived social norms of health behaviours and free author scopus preview engagement in British students.

Normative beliefs, misperceptions, and heavy episodic drinking in a British student sample. Systematic review of the hawthorne effect: new concepts are needed to study research participation effects. Overestimation of peer drinking: error doxycycline cas judgement or methodological artefact.

Social norms interventions to reduce alcohol misuse in University or College students (Review). Normative misperceptions and temporal precedence of perceived norms and drinking.

Social identity as a moderator of the association between perceived norms and marijuana use. Perceived marijuana norms and social expectancies among entering college student marijuana users. Social-norms interventions for light and nondrinking students. The relative impact of injunctive norms on college student drinking: the role of reference group. Group identification as a moderator of the relationship between perceived social norms and dexmedetomidine consumption.

Efficacy of web-based personalized normative feedback: outdoor air pollution two-year randomized Zenate Prenatal (Vitamins Prenatal with Zinc)- FDA trial.

Normative misperceptions of abuse among Zenate Prenatal (Vitamins Prenatal with Zinc)- FDA of intimate partner violence. Targeting misperceptions of descriptive drinking norms: efficacy of a computer-delivered personalized normative feedback intervention. A randomized controlled trial of event specific prevention strategies for reducing problematic drinking associated with 21st birthday celebrations.

Are social norms the best predictor of outcomes among heavy- drinking college students. Internet-based personalized feedback to reduce 21st-birthday drinking: a randomized controlled trial of an event-specific prevention intervention. Efficacy of personalized normative feedback as a brief intervention Zenate Prenatal (Vitamins Prenatal with Zinc)- FDA college student gambling: a randomized controlled trial.

Normative misperceptions of alcohol use among substance abusing army personnel.



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